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Treatment Booster

Would you like a little something extra? At Ella Baché we believe you should have everything you want and a little bit more, our side dishes are additional to any facial treatment.

Treatment Booster - Signature Facial

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Treatment Booster - Resurfacing Peel + Enz Peel

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Treatment Booster - Radiance Intensive Eye Mask

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An intensive, anti-ageing eye treatment mask that targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines for a brighter, more refined eye contour.
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Treatment Booster - Resurfacing Peel

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Revive the complexion with an intensive blend of AHA ingredients that help to stimulate cell renewal, smooth skin texture and diminish the appearance of lines and pigmentation.
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Treatment Booster - Resurfacing Peel + Extreme Regen

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Treatment Booster - x4 Spirulines Eye Lifting Patches

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Recharge the eye contour with exclusive bio-cellulose eye lifting patches infused with 220 life essential elements from Spirulina to visibly reduce signs of ageing and fatigue.
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Treatment Booster - Eternal Decollete Firming Neck Mask

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A rejuvenating lifting and firming treatment specifically for the neck and decollete.
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Treatment Booster - Extreme Regen + Enzyme

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Treatment Booster - Enzyme Peel

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Treatment Booster - Extreme Regeneration Mask

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An adhesive fibre mask laced with Bio-Cellulose and hyaluronic acid to instantly boost hydration levels, accelerate cellular turnover and restore radiance.
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Treatment Booster - Enzyme + Rad Eye

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