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Ultimate Packages

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with one of these luxurious Ella Baché Packages. We have taken some of our most popular treatments and combined them into one glorious day spa experience to pamper body and mind.

Energising Treatment Solution

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Replenish dehydrated skin with the Hydra Cellular Renewal facial treatment, rich in hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture. Complete with a 30 minute relaxation body massage, refreshing foot exfoliation and treatment mask for soft silky feet.
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Rejuvenating Treatment Solution

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Unwind with a full hour body relaxation massage, followed by our iconic Signature Facial tailored by our skincare experts to suit your individual needs. Finish with a rejuvenating foot exfoliation and soothing treatment mask for soft, silky feet.
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Restore Treatment Solution

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Experience the ultimate in full body rejuvenation, this package includes a Radiance, Brightening Facial Treatment, a Radiance Eye Treatment mask, a 60 minute full body massage and treatment mask, finished off with a deluxe manicure and pedicure.
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Revitalising Treatment Solution

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Pair our classic signature facial with the radiance eye treatment mask for an instantly glowing complexion. Smooth skin with an invigorating full body exfoliation treatment, followed by a 60 minute relaxation massage to ease tension and soothe tired muscles. Finish with a high speed manicure for instantly great nails.
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